This guide will be on the Blackstone 22-inch griddle review. You will learn everything you need to know about the Blackstone 22-inch griddle in this guide.

It is no news that barbecuing has long been one of the favorite summertime pastimes around the world. Arguably, it began when humans first started cooking meat over a fire, which was 1.8 million years ago.

Blackstone 22-Inch Griddle Review

In the world today and over the past few years, the availability of quality outdoor cooking equipment at affordable prices has come a long way. And the griddle marketplace is one area of excellent growth.

We always have to buy separate griddle plates for a long time to place them on our standard BBQs or over a fire.

I have a lot of such plates and would still suggest them to people who will not griddle them.

However, it is highly recommended that you get yourself a standalone gas griddle if you are planning to griddle regularly.

And if that is the way you want to go, then there is no better place to begin than with the market leader and their tabletop griddle—the Blackstone 22-inch griddle, which is why this Blackstone 22-inch griddle review is here for you.

Setup and Ease of Use

Setting up the Blackstone 22-inch griddle is extremely simple to do. Tightening the four nuts to install the feet is the hardest part, and this is something most people can do with their eyes closed.

I suggest that you do this with an adjustable jerk, but hand tightening should be good enough if you don’t have one.

You are to simply place the griddle’s top on the body immediately after the feet are attached.

This griddle is a solid piece of rolled steel, which means it is not light, but if you are weak, you will not have any trouble with it.

But still, if you are worried, you can, of course, get a friend to help you lift it into place.

For your information, these first two extremely easy steps are the work of the setup.

After that, all you need to do is hook on the grease tray and connect the regulator when you are ready to light up the griddle. You wouldn’t need more than two minutes for this whole setup.

Why the 22 in Blackstone is the Perfect RV Camping Cooking Option

I suggest you look no further than the Blackstone 22-inch griddle if you are in search of a Blackstone for camping and RVing.

It is quite big enough to cook a big meal for the entire family, yet portable enough to pack up and carry away in your RV when you are not using it or between camping trips.

Additionally, you can pick up a 22-inch griddle in propane or electric models, with or without a hood, and for extra versatility, a side burner.

There are some key reasons why this makes the perfect camping griddle:


The 22” Blackstone has two independent burners that provide two separate heat zones that permit you to keep one on high and another on low.

This dual-burner griddle makes it extremely easy to cook well-rounded meals at different temperatures.

When cooking smaller meals for a small family, you won’t need to heat up the whole griddle.

The tube-style burners offer a lot of BTUs for high-heat cooking and provide you with full control for the best cooking.

Easy to Clean

The 22” tabletop model comes with an integrated grease management system that has a small opening in the back of the griddle, which permits you to push unwanted grease or food particles into the included grease drip tray.

You can buy replaceable liners for the rear grease management system to keep cleanup a breeze.

Lightweight and Easy to Store

Even though the Blackstone cooktop feels heavy and long-lasting, it is not hard to move around.

Blackstone provides you with several storage solutions for your cooking accessories, which allow you to easily arrange your smaller items, such as seasonings, cooking tools, cleaning supplies, and so on.

Perfect for the Campsite

You have so little work to get it ready aside from placing it on the table and connecting the propane, given that you can place the 22-inch model on literally any solid surface.

In addition, you rarely need more cooking space than what the 22-inch provides when camping.

That being said, even though you can always go a bit bigger, staying with a mid-sized unit provides you with the best of both worlds: portability and cooking space.


The 22-inch model is very moderately priced. Even though you can spend a little more and upgrade some of the included accessories, such as a stand, hood, carrying case, and so on, you don’t need to.

You can cook on a griddle for around $130. The Blackstone adventure-ready 22” griddle will cost you slightly over $200 if you want the hood, larger propane tank adapter hose, and stand.

In comparison with the price of a gas grill, you just can’t find a better value.

How to Use Blackstone

No matter what model number you have, there is not a huge difference as far as how to fire it up and adjust the temp.

The larger the number, the bigger the flat top and added functions that they will come with.

In my opinion, this one is on the smaller side, but it is not the tiny one that you would get and keep in an RV.

Time Required: 15 minutes

For Making Blackstone Bacon

Turn On

First, you are to fire up the device and turn the temp dial to medium heat.


After that, sprinkle some water on the flat top and scrape the liquid off into the back hole of the back reservoir.

Add Food

That being done, lay the bacon strips on a griddle, then move and turn them over until they are as crunchy as you’d like. Afterward, remove it and enjoy. You can easily use half the cooktop with French toast or eggs on the other side.


Make sure you turn off the Blackstone griddle after the food is removed. Get your spatula and use it to scrape stuck food off the top and into the hole at the back to clean it off. You can also drizzle with water to clean off.

Review of the Blackstone 22” Griddle

In this review of the Blackstone 22” griddle, I have covered several aspects.

Here’s a summary of the griddle’s specs and also a brief look into the pros and cons that you need to be aware of when deciding whether or not this is the right flat-top grill for you.


  • Dual “H” burners
  • Assembled: 43.6” L * 22.5” W * 39.7” H
  • Built-in hood
  • 24,000 BTUs
  • 361-square inch cooking surface
  • Rear grease management system
  • Weight: 64.5 lbs


  • Priced well
  • Dual cooking zones
  • Has both a one-pound propane adapter and a bulk propane adapter.
  • Larger griddle cooktop
  • Built-in hood
  • Has an adjustable and collapsible stand.


  • Heavier and bulkier compared to the smaller 17” Blackstone model
  • A Walmart-exclusive product
  • Some complaints of defects out of the box


Just go for it if you are uncertain about getting a tabletop propane griddle.

You will enjoy the versatility of cooking on it and appreciate the ease of transporting and storing it, and in no time, it will become your go-to cooking option at the campground.

The Blackstone 22” model is more or less the best overall camping griddle that you can buy.

It is easy to use, inexpensive, and portable, has adjustable heat controls, a stainless steel body, and is interesting to cook on.

When it comes to the Blackstone flat-top griddle, you are covered whether you are grilling up some smash burgers, pancakes, French toast, hot dogs, eggs, or a healthy vegetable stir fry.

That being said, this concludes this guide, as you now have detailed information on the Blackstone 22-inch griddle review.

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