You would have probably heard of the Blackstone griddle, except if you have been living under a rock or have zero outdoor cooking experience whatsoever.

But, still, we will be giving a detailed answer to the question “What is a Blackstone griddle?” in this guide.

One thing is for sure: griddle cooking is certainly on the rise, and flat-top grills are also here to stay.

What Is a Blackstone Griddle

Griddles like the Blackstone, with their wide, flat cooking surfaces and ability to cook a massive variety of foods, are rapidly becoming the outdoor equipment of choice.

Now, find them on the back decks of pro chefs and home cooks too.

However, there’s a bit of a learning curve when you get a new griddle, and this goes the same with any new cooking appliance.

This guide on “What is a Blackstone Griddle?” is for you, whether you have just bought a new Blackstone griddle or you are curious if owning a griddle is worth it.

What Exactly Is A Blackstone Griddle?

The traditional Blackstone griddle is a liquid propane powdered outdoor cooking appliance with a large flat cooking surface.

You can use a griddle to cook steaks, chicken, burgers, and other meats; this is similar to the use of a gas grill.

In addition, you can cook smaller foods such as pancakes, eggs, and fried rice, thanks to the fact that the cooking area is a solid sheet of metal.

As you know, these are foods that, if you put them on a regular grill, would just fall right through the grill grates.

With a Blackstone griddle, the gas burners are underneath a rolled steel griddle top that heats the cooking surface evenly and helps provide you with a very wide surface area to prepare a massive variety of foods; this goes the same with most other flat-top grills.

Where to Buy a Blackstone Griddle

You will find Blackstone griddles for sale at plenty of brick-and-mortar stores, and this is to say that finding one in person should not be too much of a task.

I prefer to order this type of thing online; that way, it will find itself delivered right to my door.

There are several sizes based on who and what you are cooking. I recommend you go big.

In my opinion, having more cooking space is just never a bad thing, so it’s still your best bet even if you don’t cook for an army every time.

How to Clean and Maintain Your Blackstone Griddle

  • Allowing your griddle to cool for 4-5 minutes after the heat has been turned off is basically the best way to maintain it.
  • After that, proceed to scrape it well to get rid of all the residual food from the surface, and then rub oil all over it until the paper towel comes back rather clean.
  • You might want to put down some water over the exact sticky parts while the heat is still low, that is, if you have cooked something with a sticky sauce on it.
  • That being done, use your scraper to clean off the griddle before you proceed to oiling and wiping.
  • The secret to this is to ensure that your griddle is free of food debris and lightly oiled before you are done cleaning.
  • In addition, you should also be able to rub a paper towel over the top without a bunch of stuff coming up.

However, even with this, it won’t be 100% residue-free, but it will definitely be close.

Afterward, cover your griddle well and make sure that no moisture can get in.

Some people have the habit of placing wax paper or parchment paper on top of the surface, as this helps maintain the seasoning.

This is if you will be leaving your griddle uncooked for more than a few days.

I strongly suggest that you empty and clean your grease trap, as this will prevent animals from getting in there.

How to Use a Blackstone Griddle

The Blackstone griddle is actually simple to use. Just clean it properly and season the griddle after unpacking it.

Ensure that you use all the heat zones to cook various dishes at once when you are cooking for large gatherings.

The griddle thermometer is a good feature, as you will be able to know the perfect temperature and when the grill top gets hot.

When cooking, use healthy oils and seasoning. You should also clean your Blackstone griddle properly after each use.

As previously mentioned, sticky leftovers should be cleaned with water while the top is still clean.

In order to prevent it from rusting, clean, wipe, and then apply a thin layer of oil to the surface.

Why Does Everyone Like Blackstone Griddle?

People all over the world like the Blackstone griddle, but the most important thing about it is its versatility.

As mentioned above, using the griddle is easy, and you can cook anything. It is a perfect cooking option for large gatherings.

Just turn on the gas and preheat the griddle for some time before you start the cooking.

You can cook various items at once, given the fact that it comes with a large cooking surface.

The flat top is made of stainless steel, which means even cooking. Food does not stick, and it has fewer cleaning requirements.

Blackstone Griddle Sizes and Models

Blackstone has continued to create and manufacture a massive range of outdoor griddle products since they developed their first 36” griddle. So, this means that there’s something for everyone.

It is very likely that Blackstone has a unit that suits your needs, whether you are looking for a 4-burner model to feed a large family of six or you just want an electric countertop model that you can use on your winter RV travels.

As mentioned repeatedly, Blackstone offers an extensive variety of outdoor griddles that include:

  • E-series electric griddles in either 17” or 22” sizes
  • 17” griddles with or without a hood
  • 28” XL griddle with hood
  • 28” griddle air fryer combo
  • 22” griddle with hood and collapsible legs for easy transport
  • 28” XL culinary griddle with stainless steel accents and a built-in 2-burner range top and deep fryer basket
  • 28” griddles with or without a hood
  • 22” tabletop griddles with or without a hood

Why You Need to Season the Griddle Plate

A well-seasoned griddle is a necessity. Your metal surface requires fatty acids from all the oil to bond to your griddle, just like your steak requires salt.

Adding a thin layer of oil with something like paper towels to the griddle plate surface in order to create a protective layer that prevents rust and makes the griddle’s surface non-stick is just what seasoning your griddle is all about.

In addition, the heat gets distributed evenly with a properly seasoned hot griddle, which in turn allows you to cook your food.

What Is the Best Oil for Blackstone Griddle Seasoning?

When it comes to seasoning a Blackstone griddle, flaxseed oil is your best option.

The oil allows it to withstand the heat of the surface without burning or smoking, thanks to the oil’s high smoke point.

Make sure that the griddle is clean and free of any food debris before seasoning.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely a wise choice to invest in a griddle.

You can always use a griddle in your backyard, and when you are going hiking or camping, it is the perfect cooking option.

As you know, griddles come with large cooktops, and they are worth buying thanks to their versatility.

However, do keep in mind that the griddle requires regular maintenance, like frequent seasoning, and it takes plenty of time to heat up.

Lastly, the Blackstone griddle is a bit expensive.

This is the wrap-up of this guide, as you now have a detailed answer to the question, “What is a Blackstone griddle?”

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